Find and buy the best PV modules & energy storage equipment for your project.

Save time and hassle with Anza, a new online procurement marketplace for solar modules and energy storage equipment. When buying through Anza, you can quickly see a comprehensive list of pre-vetted and de-risked products at competitive prices with trustworthy pre-negotiated contracts and supply agreements. Our proprietary analytical engine simplifies the choices and ranks the most financially attractive option.

Low-Cost Solar Modules

Low-Cost Solar Modules, Available Now

Anza delivers top-tier solar modules for your project when you need them. We enable rapid transactions on spot-market purchases, allowing you to use our existing contract terms & conditions to move quickly to secure great pricing when available. The contracts include custom negotiated supply agreements, with forced-labor exclusions and custom warranties that we can achieve through our long-standing supply chain relationships and buying power at the gigawatt scale annually.


Cost Effective Energy Storage Equipment

Anza offers a new approach to buying integrated energy storage systems, saving you time and providing access to firm energy storage capacity at competitive prices. You’ll have access to pre-vetted Tier One AC- and DC-integrated energy storage systems with attractive pricing and our world-class system engineering and commissioning support for energy storage systems.

Simplified Decision-Making for NPV rankings

Anza Benefits NPV Gained Through Optimization

Simplified Decision-Making

Save time with Anza. It takes minutes on your part and less than two days lead time on ours to see the best equipment options for your projects, all ranked by net present value. You’ll get quick, accurate pricing to simplify and speed up your buying decisions. 


NPV Gained Through Optimization

Anza’s technology engine evaluates and optimizes all the factors impacting project performance. We pair your project inputs with our proprietary analytical tools and experience with performance modeling, procurement, financing, and EPC cost analysis to deliver a list of available equipment options ranked by net present value. You gain the ability to choose equipment to increase your financial returns.

Simplified Decision-Making for NPV rankings

Anza Features for Buyers

  • Search for solar modules or energy storage products for your specific project or bulk purchase.
  • See a list of available PV modules or ESS equipment that our technology engine ranks in order of the highest 20-year net present value for your project, taking into account installed cost, efficiency, and form factor.
  • Compare manufacturers, product information, unit costs, NPV delta, revenue delta, and CapEx savings quickly.
  • Receive email notifications when pricing and availability change.
  • Upload and save an unlimited number of projects in the application.
  • Download the NPV ranking table in a Microsoft Excel file.

Learn how Anza can transform your solar & storage procurement.