Instantly Access Solar Module Technical, Risk, and Commercial Data From Virtually Every Supplier

Anza is excited to announce the release of our industry-leading technical and risk related data and tools to our clients, now available within the Anza platform. Gone are the days of procurement professionals chasing down suppliers to collect the information needed to complete due diligence or contract negotiations and wasting hundreds of hours reviewing and organizing the data. We’ve assembled critical data on technical specifications, contract terms, and counterparty risk from over 30 suppliers into the Anza platform, creating a one-of-a-kind resource solar procurement professionals can use to free up their valuable time.

To manage the unpredictability of the solar market today, buyers often stick with evaluating a few of the top Tier-1 manufacturers to manage solar module technical risk for their company. Without a broader view of available options, it’s easy to miss out on other suppliers with similar risk profiles, often with modules at lower pricing or higher production, that would create more project profits. With instant access to structured technical and risk data and financial details for the products and manufacturers in the Anza platform, buyers can now consider more vendor options, increase project value, and feel confident in their decision-making in less time.

Hear from Mike Hall, Anza’s CEO, about the technical module and counterparty diligence challenges and how Anza’s new technical and risk-related data and tools can help.

Unlock deeper module risk insights with Advanced View

After 20 plus years in the solar industry, our experts know firsthand how technical module and counterparty diligence is time consuming to collect and digest. Just when you’ve finished compiling your diligence information, module pricing or availability changes, you need to start the process all over again with a different product and manufacturer. 

In the Anza platform, paying customers now have access to our Advanced View – an additional level of data and analysis within our module ranking table. With over 20 new characteristics available to select and compare, you can see more corners of the PV panel landscape beyond pricing and availability and consider vendors you may have previously overlooked. 

For the first time, you’ll instantly have all the information you need at your fingertips – and not just for a few products. You’ll have product and manufacturer data for over 95% of the U.S. module supply and the technology to easily compare all the options in just a few clicks. 

Not only will this help you save time upfront during the due diligence process, but you’ll also know in advance which suppliers have the contract terms you’re looking for when it comes to characteristics such as payment terms and down deposit requirements, helping to save time in the contract negotiation phase. This access to the most comprehensive solar product and supply chain database in the industry will help you feel confident that you’re making the best solar procurement decision for your company.

Within Advanced View, you can quickly select up to 7 columns of data you’d like to compare from a list of supply chain, counterparty, and product technical characteristics. With so many categories to choose from, we’ve set up the ranking table to automatically display the insights most important to the market today, including UFLPA risk, AD/CVD risk, and counterparty retrade risk.  

The risk assignment for these three categories comprises our Anza Risk RatingTM scoring system. Our structured assessment of key risks pairs supplier-provided data with our 20+ years of procurement experience and expertise to provide a comprehensive view of the market within the Anza platform. 

Here’s a closer look at a few example characteristics available to compare in the Anza platform and how these insights can support your next solar project.

Supply Chain Data

Are you concerned delays could impact your project schedule? Do you have stringent ESG requirements to comply with? Anza continuously and objectively assesses UFLPA Risk and AD/CVD Risk in accordance with our Anza Risk RatingTM established criteria to give you insight into the PV module supply chain and help you determine the right vendor match for your projects. With our Advanced View, you can filter vendors by your accepted risk level related to these categories and others like Non-Chinese Polysilicon, Non-Chinese Wafers, Non-Chinese  4 out of 6, Vertically Integrated, etc., giving you confidence in your purchase decision without having to track down and compile these details one vendor at a time.

Counterparty Data

Spending countless hours finding the perfect module for your technical requirements only to reach an impasse during contract negotiations is every buyer’s nightmare. Your goal is to deploy more projects for your company, but negotiations can go on for months without upfront insight into counterparty commercial terms.

With Anza’s data on supplier Payment Terms and Down Deposit requirements, you can find an option that fits your financial needs early in the procurement process and save time in contract negotiations later on. Compare available options to find suppliers with payment schedules that help you increase your project profits and avoid manufacturer Bankability concerns that could impact financing timelines. You can review all this commercial data upfront so you can feel certain you’ve minimized any future impacts to your project economics. 

Technical Product Information

At the most fundamental level, the goal of every project is to meet the technical requirements necessary for a successful installation and years of optimal PV module performance. Within our Advanced View, you can compare the Warrantied Degradation and Efficiency rating of modules to maximize the lifetime production of your project and know you’re covered should you need to utilize your product warranty. Our platform also includes details of panel sizing and Frontside Glass thickness, allowing you to easily see which module options are less prone to glass breakage, such as during hail events.

With Anza, you get access to all the technical, risk and commercial information you need and the analytics to compare options on demand in just a few clicks. 

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